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Apr. 23rd, 2015 07:35 pm
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[The only good thing that came from being canon-updated to Day 3 is that Asako now has a COMP, which means it's MUCH easier to contact her for various reasons.

...The downside, of course, is that she can now be contacted more easily. Also, the Mall's decided that this thing needs to work like a phone too. Evidently it's superior at coding things... So much for alone time!

So, do you have a message for the little oracle?]

[ooc: You guessed it, this is basically a voicemail post...thing! Have fun~]
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Summary: One possible bad outcome of Individuation. Or at least my thoughts on it/on what Asako might think during this. idk let me have my depressing drabbles.

perfect time to say good-bye )
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Death 1: Halloween 2012, failed to meet the candy quota.
Death 2: Halloween 2012, mercy killed by Naoya. (History repeats itself...?)
Death 3: Crossover with Destiny Strings, attempted to escape the bathing ritual without completing it. "Attempted" being the key word.
Death 4: Joined in with Kiryu's distraction team, was eventually killed by retrieval units.
Death 5: Died attempting to watch over her cousin during the Individuation event.
Death 6: Died due to own stupidity in the ball pit.
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[Please do not leave demons in here. They don't like it and neither does she. :(]
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x1 black cape
x1 normal outfit
x1 cat-ear-styled headphones

x1 DS-style COMP
x1 portable music player
x1 nightclothes
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Dream 1
There's a fire. A building burns down. There's a young boy with white hair, he alone has survived--

And Asako, now a toddler wearing a one-piece pajama with cat ears, wakes up from her dream within a dream. She blinks, bleary-eyed. A few moments later, her mother, a plain woman with hair like hers, rushes in and hugs the little girl.

"Mama, wha's wrong?"

The woman sniffs and pets her daughter on the head.

"It's- Y-your aunt and uncle, they - there was a fire..." She sniffs again, trying to choke back tears. "Your cousin Naoya, you remember him don't you? ...He'll be...s-staying with us now."

Asako's eyes go wide and tears start at the edges of her eyes, and her mother of course misinterprets it. "I know, sweetie. It's so hard to believe...such a thing..."

[This dream shows the one thing Asako has declined to mention so far - she can see the future. It doesn't work here in Animus of course, but...]

Dream 2
This time, we're in a hospital room. Asako is 12 this time, her hair down to her shoulders, and she is the one in the hospital bed, an IV drip attached to her arm. She looks out the window and sighs a little, obviously not happy with her situation.

Thankfully, the nurses have been kind enough to leave a phone in the room with her so that her relatives can call her up - she's well enough for it, they say. After a moment, there is a vision in the room with her - her cousin, the white-haired boy, collapsing with a headache. She reaches out to the phone as soon as the vision fades, dialing a number as fast as her little hands can.

"Hi, Nao-nii. How are you doing?" The one-sided conversation goes on...

Dream 3
This time -- this time, we stand before a creature that looks like it was formed of black wires, each wire thicker than seven people standing together. There are yellow eyes blinking out from it, and yellow light shining out from the cracks in the wires.

Asako stands there, still tiny compared to her allies - her cousin, the gang leader, a nervous-looking boy in a cap, and a strange, oddly adorable creature.

There are a myriad of scenes flickering in the room as well, only visible to Asako.
A world returned to normal - but then humans destroy their second chance.
A world saved by the light, with Asako as its Messiah - but it somehow seems hollow and broken.
A world where humans rule over demons with technology - but humans destroy each other with that power.
A world where the teenagers, understandably, ran from their responsibility - but it is broken beyond repair.
And finally, a world where the demons roam freely, with Asako giving the orders. It's broken, yes, but...humanity hasn't destroyed itself and the world isn't destroyed either. There's a chance, here. It's the only path where there is some hope for the future.

Asako just chuckles wryly and steps toward the black-and-yellow entity. "You don't need to tell me twice, Nao-nii. I already know what choice I'm going to make."
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So Asako can see shit things people don't normally see. As a result I am leaving this little questionnaire here:

1) Is it okay if Asako sees your character's combat-related strengths/weaknesses (i.e. if they're strong/weak to ice attacks, etc)?
2) If so, what are your character's combat-related strengths/weaknesses?
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Summary: AU of the AU, based on some very specific comments from Reverse while Rever-tan was watching the Evil Overlord 8th Day:
"one of the tags on this vid: "big bro is the legal guardian?" - as well as other commentary to the tune of "catphones seems to regard Naoya possibly as a guardian."
.... And so this happened.
Warnings: Violence, some of it graphic, and Asa being more depressed than usual - for entirely justified reasons!
Dedicated to: Rever-tan for getting this idea in my head, Kaji for putting up with my silly when I have ideas in my head. :)
I tried to be someone else )
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Summary: The aftermath of a revival, and reflections on it as time passes.
Warnings: Uhhh technically there are selfcest-y themes here! Yes. Thank you, Mall, for making these things possible. But there's nothing actually happening.

fly towards the darkness )
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[If there's one thing Asako learned from her recent misadventures, it was this:

If it's there, the Mall can utterly ruin it.

Waking up with the horrible realization that you had generally made a fool of yourself tends to hammer this home, and guess who had done just that? Yep, she did. She had also realized that, had she not attempted to make coffee in the Mall, this would never have happened.

So she's never going to do THAT again.

...It also doesn't look like she's going to leave her room for a while due to embarrassment.

Knock on the door?]
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[This is actually a series of notes in a notebook Asako purchased recently. It's kept under lock and key in her dorm room.]

I shall entrust myself to this song )
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"To Change"
Summary: One of Asa's first visions, and how she kept it from coming true.
Warnings: None, unless you find tiny derpy toddler cuteness to be something worth a warning...
and that dream won't come true )
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